Linen Shirts And Why We Wore Them All Summer

Why We Love Wearing Linen Shirts During Summer


One of the most awaited seasons is the summer. It is the time when people go to the beaches, campsites, and parks. Summer makes us perspire more than usual. Aside from drinking lots of fluids, wearing linen shirts can also lessen the heat we feel during the summer.

As we spend time enjoying the summer heat, wearing comfortable and fashionable clothes is an advantage. Having linen shirts is one of the things you should put in mind as you prepare for the summer season. Linen can be used in the busy city or in the windy seaside. Linen gives you the chance to be comfortable and fashionable at the same time.


Benefits of Wearing Linen Shirts During the Summer

Linen was used long ago by ancient Roman priestly class. People in the upper classes desired bed linen for its cool and soft feeling. It became a symbol of wealth and social status. Today, linen is widely used in clothes, pillows, rugs, curtains, and more.

Having linen clothes in your wardrobe is truly an excellent idea especially during the summer. This fabric significantly reduces the effects of heat and humidity to the body.

Having said this, let us now discuss why you should wear linen shirts during the summer.


1. Linen is absorbent

The moisture absorbency rate of linen is very high which makes it the absolute choice to wear during the summer. It has hypoallergenic properties which prevents sweat from breaking down its fibers. Linen can also easily wick away sweat.


2. Linen allows more airflow

The weather during the summer is hot and humid making you to sweat more. Wearing linen shirts can make you comfortable because it enables more airflow so your body can breathe and perspire less. People wearing linen feel 3°-4°C cooler than those wearing silk or cotton. It is also recorded that those who wear linen clothes perspire 1.5 times less than those who wear cotton.


4. Linen is anti-allergic

Aside from having cooling properties, linen shirts are also anti-allergic. If you have dry skin or prone to various allergies, wearing linen shirt is a great choice. You can enjoy the summer with your families and friends without worrying of allergies from your clothes.


5. Linen is durable

One of the best things about linen is its durability. Linen is 30% stronger than cotton due to the fact that linen fiber is longer than that of cotton. You do not have to worry of unexpected rips and tears. It can still look good after two or years of purchase. Linen fibers are very resistant to disfiguration from washes and its colors do not fade away easily.


Linen is undoubtedly the best cloth during the summer. You can achieve coolness and elegance with linen. It is comfortable to wear and provides versatility in terms of fashion. Linen can be worn during mornings and evenings which enables it to be your outfit of the day. Wearing linen shirts can absolutely ease the feeling of heat during the summer.



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