Italian Red Wine: How To Choose The Right One?

Our Favorite Italian Reds



Italians are known to produce the best red wine in the world. Feel fortunate that you can have a taste of four best kinds without going to Italy. Familiarize yourself with the Amarone, Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, and Barbaresco.


1. Drink The Amarone

Fill your taste buds with the tempting grape aroma that comes from Amarone. Experience how the process of “recioto” creates red wine with Corvina grapes as the source. In choosing these grapes, they look like “ears” from the bunch. With the most sunlight that touches its surface, it is the warmest places in Venice, Italy to gather them. Once it touches your tongue, feel its strong flavor.


As these grapes become dry in the air within 90 to 120 days, expect its flavor to have more concentration. It loses a lot of water in this time frame and lets the red wine contain alcohol at 15 to 16%. Drink the Amarone as you eat a full meal with meat and cheese.


2. Taste the Chianti

Moving forward to Tuscany is where the Chianti red wine originates. As an exclusive from the Chianti location, it is Sangiovese grapes that produce it. You can add it to the Cabernet Franc, Sauvignon, or Merlot for a more interesting taste. Get ready for a pleasant touch of cherry, plum, and a lot of acids! Along with these, savor it while you eat a full meal with grilled meat and cheese.


3. Give The Brunello di Montalcino A Chance

Also in Tuscany, but in Siena where the tiny Medieval town of Montalcino belongs to. In this area of Italy, the sun lets the grapes develop fully. Growing at night with cool weather, expect a lot of acid in it. From Sangiovese grapes as well, feel the privilege of tasting this wine with the highest price tag, longest existence, and most rare kind. It has a combination of blackberry, chocolate, black cherry, and sweet vanilla in it. Best of all, give it a chance as you eat a delicious meal.


4. Pour Barbaresco Into Your Wine Glass

Coming from Nebbiolo grapes, it is only in three tiny regions where Barbaresco is produced. Near the vineyard is Piedmont where an abundant food supply awaits. You can eat red meat from here while drinking your Barbaresco that has a soft taste. The best food comes from Piedmont and paired with a wine glass of Barbaresco. Take advantage of the nearness of Piedmont for a wonderful meal.


Each of these red wines has its own distinct taste and comes from different regions of Italy. Feel like an Italian who appreciates every sip! Go on, get a wine glass, and enjoy its flavor!





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